Dear Friend

All my life I have been in politics and worked for human rights and market economy. The fall of Berlin wall started a new era for Europe.

Kokoomus has nominated me as a candidate for the European Parliament elections on May 26, 2019.

I have Finnish and American law degrees (Helsinki University and Columbia University, N.Y.) and a degree in economics (Swedish School of Economics).

As kokoomus group leader my main priority was to ensure that Finland applies membership in the European Union. Kokoomus played a central role to bring Finland to the western value community.

I was minister for Europe 1999 when in Tampere summit the road map for European area for justice and freedom and fight against terrorism was outlined. In Helsinki summit we decided to enlarge the union to former socialist countries in Central Europe including the Baltic states.

Two problems have caused discontent among the population in Europe. Many countries did not follow the rules of euro. This led to sovereign debt crises. The only solutions is that if you are a partner to enhanced cooperation you have to follow rules. If you dont, you have to leave this deeper coopration until you fullfill the criterias again.

Europe was not ready and able to make decisions when immigration crises 2015 took place. We have to by all means preserve the free mobility inside the EU area. This means that illigal immigrations has to be stopped logicaly. EU must have force enough to guarantee the cooperation of neighboring countries like Turkey and a system which guarantees return of illigal immigrants to their home countries.

My priorities are.

Deeper internal markets and global economy that is based on fair market economy.

Real security guarantees guaranteed by the member nations of the European union. Union must start instead of declarations ”real politik” with a wide package of means of influence.

Principle of Rule of Law is the basis of well being. Member countries must respect the western liberal values. But member states must also follow and enforce the agreement of the union. We have to clarify the division of competence between the union and the member states in the spirit of the principle of subsidiarity.

Pollution regonises no boarders. Therefore we have to establish common European environment policy. We have to find effective means. It means new technology and nuclear power. A human beeings´ traditional way of life like food we eat must be respected.

My contact information: kimmosasi@gmail.com